Project Description

Client: ANKO SA
Architects: ANKO SA
Civil Engineers: Penelis Consulting Engineers SA

The building complex of the “Mamatsion” hospital of Kozani was built at different time periods and it consists of severalindependent R/C structures. It consists of the following units:

a) Central wing, which houses the General Director, the personnel office, the obstetrics clinic, the pharmacy, the chemotherapy, intensive care units, patient wards, Haematological lab, the Kitchen and the doctors dorms.
b)The E.R. wing, which houses the Cardiology clinic, the gynaecologist clinic, orthopaedics, neurological clinic, Ophthalmologic clinic, haemodialysis and the E.R.
c) The psychiatric wing which houses several outpatients’ departments, meeting rooms, psychotherapy rooms and patient wards.
d) The dental wing also housing the morgue.
e) The new wing.

The managment of the hospital following its schedule decided to contract the architectural, structural and electromechanical design to ANKO SA, which then subcontracted the static and seismic strengthening of the buildings with the addition of new storeys to some of them according to the provisions of the current at the time Greek codes (Concrete and Seismic Code 2000).

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