Project Description

Client: Region of Central Macedonia
Civil Engineers: Penelis Consulting Engineers SA

The bridge of Ihe new national road between Thessaloniki and Kilkis over “Galikos” river, was built during 1985, has a total length of 200m and is reinforced concrete structure as per the piers and prestressed concrete structure as per the body of the bridge. During the periodic monitoring of the bridge large deflections were noted at one of the cantilevers of central span and severe cracking at the support of the cantilever at the mid pier M4. The basic restoration and strengthening procedures were:

a) Construction of new pier similar to the existing ones, founded on a pile cap – micropile system. This new pier is erected at the support of the simply supported span on the edge of the cantilever that failed. The structure was uplifted at this position with a force of 2357KN, thus causing a final rise of 21.15mm at the support on the new bearings.
b) Strengthening of the cracked body of the bridge using epoxy resign and 40 FRP laminates with cross section 100mmx1.2mm at the top face of the bridge.

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