Project Description

Preliminary Design: E. Lekkas – N. Chiotinis
Architectural Design: Mohamed Awad
Structural Design: Penelis Consulting Engineers SA Hafez Akhrass (Hamdi El Swat)
Project Management: Penelis Consulting Engineers SA
Design Funding: Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs-HELLENIC AID, Patriarchate of Alexandria and Whole Africa
(Penelis Consulting Engineers S.A. donated their services)

The Church of St. George is located in the old Cairo and more specifically at the Margirgis area (Margirgis is a paraphrase of the Greek Aigiorgis meaning St George) and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and Whole Africa. It is an Unreinforced Masonry rotunda 27m diameter at the base, 13 dome diameter, 11m dome and drum height and total height 22m, built at the beginning of the 20th Century upon the ruins of a previous Church. The wall paintings have been drawn by the famous Greek painter Parthenis. The rotunda is based upon a three storey Roman Tower (Eastern Roman Empire-Byzantium) circular in plan, built around 1st CE A.D. The tower, 27m external diameter, consists of two perimeter rings of thick stone walls interconnected with radial walls. At the end of 19th CE A.D. the small church of St. George, that existed upon the tower, was ruined by fire as well as the wooden floors of the Tower. At the beginning of the 10th CE A.D. the Roman Tower was restored form the fire with the addition of concrete floors with steel beams and then the imposing Rotunda was erected above the restored Tower.

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