Project Description

Client: K/X Aegek S.A., VIOTER S.A., GENER S.A., EKTER S.A.
Architects: K. Kiriakidis & Associates S.A., AETER S.A.
Civil Engineers: OMETE S.A. & Associates, Penelis Consulting Engineers SA
E&M: Alkon E.P.E.

The main building is orthogonal in plan with dimensions 112m x42m. In order to avoid temperature cracks it has been divided into four independent structures using expansion joints, with dimensions 30m, 30m, 30m and 22.5m. Buildings A and Β are two storey structures with storey height of 3,90m and 4,15m while buildings A and A also have am undreground floor with 4.29m height. In front of building A an underground water tank is located (E) with dimensions 38x10x4 m3. The north wall of the tank also serves as a retaining wall of the project towards the adjacent “Papageorgiou” hospital.On the right of building A, into an R/C building liquid fuel tanks are located encased into sand. On the roof of this building the cooling units of the other four buildings are located. Finally building (H) hosts the steam room and is equipped with an expanding roof.

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