The New International Airport of Heraklion in Kasteli area is to replace the existing “Nikos Kazantzakis Airport” and will be constructed according to a set of technical and operational specifications to meet current and future transportation needs throughout the concession period. 
Penelis Consulting Engineers SA & Concept Consulting Engineers SA are the structural design JV for all building works.
The new airport will include:

  • 1 landing-take-off runway of 3,200 meters in length according to ICAO 4E
  • 1 parallel taxiway route of equal length
  • 8 rapid exit taxiways2  Crossfield taxiways  connecting the taxiway with the Military runway
  • Apron containing 27 remote parking positions for aircrafts, ICAOC category & 5 + 1 parking spaces of MARS type, ICAOE category (or 10 + 2 fixed contact stands, Category C)
  • 1 Terminal Building, 5-level, with total surface area of 93,000m2 of which approximately 13,000m2 will be of commercial use and approximately 1,000m2 will comprise permanent exposition venues11 s Buildings / Facilities: Control Tower, Fire Department, Police, Airport Maintenance, Ground Service Installation, Power Plant 150kV Substation, Water Tanks, Biofuels Installation, fuel farm and aircraft refueling Hydrant system, waste treatment plant
  • Car parking stations and related facilities for the servicing of various vehicles (IX, Taxi, City Bus)
  • Internal road network
  • 2-branch access road with 4 roundabouts
  • Commercial Use Area of 400,000m2

Project’s timetable:
According to the contractual terms, the concession will run for thirty-five years from the concession’s commencement date (February 2020) and includes a five-year period for the study and the construction of the project.

Shareholders of the airport concession:

  • The Greek state (45.9%), TERNA (32.46%) and the Indian corporation GMR Airports Ltd (21.64%)
  • The project will be 100% constructed by TERNA SA.